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Mr. Magic


Planning to have a magic show and want the best party entertainer? Well, you have found him! Kids' Entertainer, Scott Hollingsworth, welcomes you to a fun-filled kids magic show created especially for your child and all their guests.

The Perfect Show for your Kids Party!

Children’s Party Magician, Scott Hollingsworth, offers several magic shows that is fun and exciting. Each is completely self-contained and can be performed in any indoor venue. All shows last 35-45 minutes, which is the ideal time for youngsters' attention spans.

An egg vanishes from a bag and, moments later, is found back in the bag by the child. A kid from the audience is asked to shred tissue paper and, after rolling the pieces into a paper ball, they mysteriously become a paper rabbit in a hat!

Is it magic? Is it comedy? Yes and always yes! It’s the magic of kids' party entertainer Scott Hollingsworth, where the impossible becomes engaging and the audience members become the stars of the show.

MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS TODAY – Don’t be disappointed; reserve your special date and time on Scott’s rapidly-filling show calendar.

You and your guests will be treated to a world of magic, delight, and fun.

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Kids party magic shows

Your guests will be "Wowed" with my high-energy, eye-popping, and jaw-dropping comedy kids magic birthday show!


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